Tree Stocks

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The Best in Pinus Radiata

Our professional nursery management practices combined with the latest advances in tree breeding and seed orchard production deliver a variety of forest options for you.


Pinus radiata Seedlings

  • Available as: Pinus radiata Open Pollinated ‘Stand Select’ (SS), Open Pollinated Elite (OPE) and Control Pollinated (CP) GF Plus.

Pinus radiata Cuttings

  • Available as: Pinus radiata cuttings GF Plus
  • Improved genetics (growth, straightness, branching, Dothistroma resistance, wood density, stiffness)
  • Large diameters (6-8mm)
  • Bushy root systems
  • Robust stock for hard and frosty sites
  • Less prone to toppling from wind and snow due to reduced ‘sail area’
  • Aged cuttings perform better on high fertility ex pasture sites
  • Aged cuttings perform better on hard, frosty or exposed sites


Rising standards in many countries are increasing the demand for wood products. However, the global supply of millable timber is decreasing. Investing in forestry is a sure and sustainable way to grow your wealth.

Trees improve our air quality. Carbon sequestration via the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme can add a significant new income stream. To check if your forest is eligible to earn carbon credits visit the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme.

“City Forests has been a long-term customer of Rangiora Nursery, and we continue to be pleased year after year with the consistently high quality of tree stocks supplied to us. The results can be seen in our forests where the quality of our stands are often the envy of other foresters. Much of this is due to the outstanding quality of the cuttings that Rangiora Nursery supplies. Rangiora Nursery has never been afraid to try new things and to innovate, and they are at the leading edge of nursery practice in NZ. They have also proven themselves to be extremely efficient and reliable in what can at times be a challenging business – they do what they say they’ll do! The forestry team at City Forests has no hesitation at all in recommending Rangiora Nursery to any forest grower looking for a quality product and great service.”

Peter Oliver

City Forests