Care of Tree Stocks

Plants must not be allowed to dry out.

All trees should be planted as soon as possible after leaving Nursery.

Bare-rooted trees in cartons

  • Trees as packed when they leave the nursery should be quite safe for 3-4 days, provided they are kept cool and moist.
  • Never stand in direct sunlight.
  • Open top flaps of the carton.
  • Ensure roots are moist, add extra water if necessary.
  • Do not wet foliage.

Cool storage

We cool store our trees prior to dispatch. This minimises lifting stress and enhances shelf life prior to planting

Planning hints

Careful planning will contribute more to the success of your plantings than any other factor.

  • Plan your plantings carefully.
  • Seek advice from Forest Consultants, Councils or Rangiora Nursery personnel.
  • Order tree stocks early.
  • Ensure adequate fencing
  • Deep ripping lines with a winged ripper (late summer-autumn).
  • Ensure adequate weed control. Spraying either before or after planting is essential for survival and growth. Consult chemical representatives, forestry advisors or nursery personnel.
  • Contact forestry contractor for planting or weed control.
  • Eliminate pests, e.g. rabbits, hares, possums.

For advice on pine tree forest establishment you can speak with one of our recommended Forestry Consultants