Price list

Demand for tree stocks is high. Pre-order your seedlings/cuttings in advance for winter planting.

Summer / Autumn – Order your trees.

Summer / Autumn – Book your planting contractor.

Autumn – Prepare your planting site.

Winter - Plant your trees.

Early Spring – Release spray to control weeds.

Large orders should be placed before Christmas. Please contact us.


Botanical name Common name Age/Size Price per 10 Price per 100 Price per 1000
Pinus radiata Radiata Pine Stand Select 1/0 (25-35cm) 8.00 75.00 360.00
  GF19 1/0 (25-35cm) --- 75.00 380.00
  Cuttings - GF Plus
  1yr (25-35cm) SOLD OUT 2018 - TAKING ORDERS FOR 2019
  Christmas Trees
  1yr (25-50cm) 12.00 100.00 640.00
Ripper Hire Half Day Whole Day
  60.00 90.00



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