Welcome to Rangiora Nursery. Our nursery is centrally located in the South Island just North of Christchurch on the alluvial Canterbury Plains.

Established for over 50 years Rangiora Nursery is committed to the production of high quality planting stock for forests and shelterbelts.

Currently producing over three million treestocks annually our hot dry summer and crisp cold winters ensure treestocks are healthy and well conditioned for transplanting.

If one hectare of trees provides enough oxygen for 40 people, then we have a lot to share with you. With over three million little energetic seedlings growing in our nursery we know you will enjoy establishing your very own forest, and remember - breathe deeply!


The Nursery

Rangiora Nursery is a major supplier of high quality forest and shelter treestocks to the New Zealand market. As a family business we specialise in the open ground production of forestry species such as Redwood, Pinus radiata, Douglas fir and Cypress and offer free friendly and helpful advice to assist you with forest and shelter establishment. A free Price List and a variety of information bulletins are available.

Rangiora Nursery Ltd was established in 1990 at East Eyreton. Further silty land has since been purchased at Clarkville for the specific purpose of growing high genetic Pinus radiata from cuttings.

Owned and managed by Derrick Parry, Rangiora Nursery Ltd. continues a reputation of producing high quality treestocks to meet a variety of demanding South Island forest sites.

"My goal is to provide treestocks of the highest quality. Healthy energetic trees which will perform vigorously on your planting site…TREES with ATTITUDE!"

The Trees

Pinus radiata are available as seedlings or rooted cuttings, with a range of genetic traits ranking Growth, Straightness, Branching, Dothistroma resistance, Wood density, and Spiral grain. A South Island leader in the production of genetically improved Pinus radiata from cuttings, we are able to assist in selecting the best treestock for your site.

Demand for Redwood, Douglas fir forestry is increasing rapidly and continues to attract overseas investment. Demand for redwood timber in the US exceeds supply and prices are HIGH, Returns are 3 – 4 times that of Pinus radiata and rotation lengths are similar (approx. 30 - 35 years).

Cypress species such as Cup.macrocarpa and Cup.lusitanica are showing high returns on niche sites. Recently released seedlots such as Cup. Macrocarpa (Strathallan) and Cup lusitanica (Amberley) are showing significant improvements in form and canker resistance.

We supply a variety of shelter trees to the expanding horticultural industry. Trees such as Alders, Poplar, Willows or Leyland cypress are being used extensively around new plantings of olives, hazelnuts and chestnuts.

By focusing on large scale forestry we produce high quality treestocks very cheaply, yet we are more than happy to take time and discuss your planting needs, whether it is for a 100 tree shelter belt or 100 hectare forest.


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