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When you plant a tree it's an investment in your future. Ensure you have the best advice. Whether it is for 100 or 10,000 trees you need to do it right.

"Don't cut corners, be informed, do it once, do it right"

The key to minimising establishment risk is quality seedlings, sound management of your project, skilled planting and immaculate weed control.

Our Catalogue outlines prices. Information bulletins cover everything a prospective investor needs to know about trees. How to start out, planting, tree spacing, shelter design, weed control, site selection, tree genetics and forest management.

We provide advice on all aspects of tree establishment and maintenance.

PLAN in the Autumn
Which tree type?
What spacing should I use?
Rip tree lines with a winged ripper
Organise planting contractor
Graze prior to planting

PLANT in the Winter
Trees are dormant June to August
Depth and root alignment are essential for good success
Keep treestocks shaded and roots moist prior to planting

SPRAY in the Spring
Selective herbicides sprayed over or around your trees in early Spring (September) eliminate weed competition and maximise growth.

RELAX in the Summer
You have done all of your jobs well and on time
Enjoy yourself and watch your trees grow

Talk to us

Derrick Parry and David Atkinson are happy to chat about your trees. Call into the nursery or send us an E-mail. We can check over your plans, property, site preparation, soil types, and tree species that best suit your needs.

"Don't cut corners, be informed, do it once, do it right".

Frequently asked questions

Q. When should I plant my trees?
A. From June to August when the trees are dormant. Cold or high country areas can be planted as late as September. On plains sites where ground may turn dry in the spring, trees should be planted early (June/July).

Q. Do I have to collect all of my order at one time?
A. No. Collection over several days or throughout the winter is fine.

Q. I need a competent planter. Who should I ask?
A. Talk to us. We can recommend Quality planting contractors are in high demand. Book them early.

Q. Should I spot spray prior to planting?
A. For forestry trees - No. There are excellent post plant herbicides available which can be sprayed over or around trees. However amenity and shelter trees are more sensitive. Pre-spraying with Glyphosate will help. Call Derrick he'll put you on the right track.

Q. Can I plant trees at wide spacing so I do not have to thin my forest?
A. No. Wide spacing produces trees with larger branches and lowers the timber quality.

Q. How many trees should I plant per hectare?
A. 1,000-1,400 trees per hectare depending on species, genetic quality of treestocks or whether your site is clean or weedy (gorse/broom).

Q. Why use a winged ripper?
A. The wing impacts soil upwards shattering hard pans and cultivating a wide root development area. Correct planting depth and root alignment become easier.  Early tree growth is greatly enhanced.

Q. How many forest trees can I plant in a day?
A. Forestry contractors may plant 1,000, but you should initially work on about 400 per day.

Call Derrick or Gillian. Bring in your plans or ideas
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